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Bringing forward the best of IT and emerging technology courses for you to learn and excel in your career as a Digital Entrepreneur in the world of Big Data and Business Analytics

CET Certified Qualification

CET, Center of Emerging Technology, aims to provide the most in-demand courses in IT and emerging technologies, such as AI, Machine Learning, Python and Ethical Hacking, to help you learn skills and jumpstart your career

Artificial Intelligence

This course is professionally designed by professionals for individuals who want to break into cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and take advantage of AI and its related technologies while building new applications..

Machine Learning

This course is to enable learners to develop an in-depth understanding of the machine learning algorithms, principals, and techniques with a special focus on the underlying mathematics and statistics..

Data Engineering

This course is to familiarize a learner with basic computer programming concepts like data types, containers, functions, loops, conditional statements. It also covers Python programming language syntax..

Blockchain Foundation

The Blockchain Foundation is your pathway to professional level of knowledge about Blockchain as an archive with potential as a worldwide, decentralised record for the registration, inventory..

Cybersecurity and White Hat Hacking course

In this Cybersecurity and White Hat Hacking course, you will have a hands-on experience under the supervision of our expert tutor regarding the administrative controls, technical controls, and physical controls as well as..

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