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From information regarding programmes at top international institutions to guidance related to life and career abroad, we are dedicated to you and your global aims for your better future.

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Study at the top International universities of your choice with ECC

The foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at ECC are designed to help you provide direct and accelerated pathways to progression routes in the United Kingdom as well as in international educational institutes in the USA, Canada and Australia among others. After completion of your programme with ECC, you can choose any of your desired progression pathway and proceed to study abroad in many top universities, such as:

View our programmes leading to international progression pathways

Book your appointment with our Admissions Counselor for your personalised academic progression

Need help with your Student Visa? We are here to help!

Applying for a student visa is a very comprehensive process that requires meticulous documentation. You can generally begin your student visa application once you receive confirmation of your enrolment in your chosen school or university, however the process, requirements and eligibility may vary country-to-country. Our expert visa consultants not only have the experience of getting hundreds of students their visas issued along with knowledge of the latest visa/immigration legislation, rules and regulations, including the Tier 4 student visa for the students willing to study at a university in the UK.

In-country assistance for students studying abroad

Along with providing assistance for the university admission and visa application,  ECC also offers in-country support to Pakistani students studying abroad. While studying abroad brings many new experiences in terms of experiencing a multicultural exposure, the students might find it daunting to adjust with the new culture as well as balancing the academic life along with the challenges of living in a new social setting. Our in-country experts can help you with:
  • Working while you study
  • Advice on internships
  • Insights into the local culture and regulations
  • Personal well-being
  • Financial planning

Career Counselling

Your decision to choose the right educational programmes at the right university for you can be a life-changing and career-defining moment for you. That is why ECC has assembled a team of expert academic and professional counselors to help you with:
  • Helping you choose the right career option based on your interest and your aptitude
  • Selecting the right university and programmes as per your professional aspirations
  • Helping you gear up for GRE, TOEFL, IELTS and other standardised tests
  • Making sure that you can avail the available scholarships and loan opportunities.

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