Extreme Commerce College is a leading institution in the field of Trans National Education, focusing mainly on practical learning, recently participated in the Dawn Education Expo held in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The event aimed to unlock higher education opportunities for Pakistani students at leading local and international universities, besides facilitating an informal interaction between the students, faculty and delegates from several universities & colleges to discuss educational prospects and avenues for bilateral collaborations.

Our dedicated team of educators and staff conducted interviews and provided guidance to our students, helping them to make the most of their academic abilities and reach their full potential. We are thrilled to see their hard work and determination pay off in the form of admission offers from top universities around the world.

The college serves to further instil diversity, inclusion and heterogeneity amongst the students through exposure to ample manifestations of society and culture. While sharing his views, Mr Taha Bin Hasan – Director Admissions & Corporate Communications said:

“Dawn has always been a remarkable platform for students and colleges both, what I witnessed this year was truly amazing in all the cities I experienced people eager to know about the different programmes and opportunities to go abroad. Extreme commerce college is a pioneer in entrepreneurial studies in Pakistan and students gained plethora of knowledge from our representatives, if you have missed the Expo you can still get all the relevant information from our admissions counsellors.”

The Extreme Commerce College is first of its kind educational institute where we provide international degree pathway with the motive to earn via skills. When expressing his thoughts., Dr. Ameer Haider – Head of Campus said:

“I am proud to share that Extreme Commerce College’s participation in the Dawn Education Expo was a great success. Our practical and industry-oriented approach to education, along with our unique blend of international qualifications and incubation facilities, was well received by students and visitors at the event. I would like to thank our on-site expert counsellors for their dedication in providing guidance and support to attendees. Our flexible mode of classes, both on campus and online, offers students the opportunity to earn while students learn, making education accessible to all. We remain committed to providing innovative and practical education in Pakistan.”

Overall, the Dawn Education Expo was a great success for Extreme Commerce College in terms of enhancing their brand awareness and promoting their unique approach to education. By participating in the event, students were able to connect with a diverse range of individuals and institutions, showcasing their commitment to providing a practical and innovative approach to education in Pakistan.

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