The Extreme Commerce College concluded award ceremony was a grand celebration of academic excellence, where distinguished guests, parents, and educators gathered to honour and recognize the high achievers of our institution. The event was graced by the presence of Deputy British High Commissioner – Martin Dawson, who was the chief guest of the evening.

The ceremony began with a warm welcome from Mr. Usman Akram, who highlighted the importance of academic achievement in today’s highly competitive world. Mr. Shaun, Ms. Kaif Ghaznavi, Tariq Shah, Imran Khaliq, and Sohail Mossani were among the notable guests who shared their valuable insights on education and the significance of recognition for hard work and dedication.

The highlight of the evening was the distribution of awards to the high achievers, who were honoured for their outstanding academic performance. It was indeed a proud moment for the parents as they witnessed their children receiving recognition for their hard work and achievements.

Deputy British High Commissioner – Martin Dawson distributed certificates amongst the students on stage, and the event concluded with an amazing musical performance by ECC students. The atmosphere was electrifying, and the audience was enthralled by the students’ performance.

The high achievers also got a chance to share their experiences with the attendees. Hiba, Sumair, Faaiz, and Fatima were among the students who shared their journey of hard work, dedication, and determination that led them to this moment of glory.

The ceremony was a true testament to the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and recognition of hard work and dedication. It was an evening filled with joy, inspiration, and celebration, where the students were motivated to continue striving for success in their academic pursuits. The event ended with a promise to continue recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the future generations of high achievers.